Saturday, January 10, 2009 first post in 09'. Happy New Year!!! Last time I tried to add a picture and it took too long so will have to try that some othertime. Was able to buy some key lime pie candy today. What a treat! And there was an extra piece of candy in the box. I'll have to get the bigger box next time if it is still on sale. Going to try to go see a movie tomorrow after church with a friend. Looking forward to it. God really protected me from running over a guy in the crosswalk tonight in the dark. Scared me! Glad I was in the other lane or else I may have hit him. I'll have to go to the used bookstore next week. Not enough time today. And the carwash was closed so I couldn't wash my car. Poohie! The birds keep pooping on it even in the winter. And it's white so that does not help one bit. LOL I better go...expecting a phone call. Hopefully I can get some pics loaded sometime this month. I would like to work on getting some photo's done to make a photo book in the next year or two. I think that would be fun. I'd like to donate some of the money to charity. I've always wanted to do a book. Maybe I should take another photography class to get some ideas.

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