Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wow, a week before Christmas....yippee!!! Just waiting for some bad weather to come thru and maybe some snow. I would love to see some snow soon. Just checking out Nancy's blog,, and somehow I missed some posts. I think there is something wrong with the newsletter update feature. I get most of her posts tho so that is good. Went to a women's Christmas party at my church with my mom and grandma last Sunday and had loads of fun. Grandma and I got to go to a Christian Woman's Luncheon this month. We had lots of fun and I won the table prize. The funny thing about it was that when I opened the box it wasn't what was on the outside of the box. It was supposed to be a garden solar figurine set and instead it was a mom and daughter figurine that was not solar. So if you get a present open the box!!! LOL

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