Saturday, January 10, 2009 first post in 09'. Happy New Year!!! Last time I tried to add a picture and it took too long so will have to try that some othertime. Was able to buy some key lime pie candy today. What a treat! And there was an extra piece of candy in the box. I'll have to get the bigger box next time if it is still on sale. Going to try to go see a movie tomorrow after church with a friend. Looking forward to it. God really protected me from running over a guy in the crosswalk tonight in the dark. Scared me! Glad I was in the other lane or else I may have hit him. I'll have to go to the used bookstore next week. Not enough time today. And the carwash was closed so I couldn't wash my car. Poohie! The birds keep pooping on it even in the winter. And it's white so that does not help one bit. LOL I better go...expecting a phone call. Hopefully I can get some pics loaded sometime this month. I would like to work on getting some photo's done to make a photo book in the next year or two. I think that would be fun. I'd like to donate some of the money to charity. I've always wanted to do a book. Maybe I should take another photography class to get some ideas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wow, a week before Christmas....yippee!!! Just waiting for some bad weather to come thru and maybe some snow. I would love to see some snow soon. Just checking out Nancy's blog,, and somehow I missed some posts. I think there is something wrong with the newsletter update feature. I get most of her posts tho so that is good. Went to a women's Christmas party at my church with my mom and grandma last Sunday and had loads of fun. Grandma and I got to go to a Christian Woman's Luncheon this month. We had lots of fun and I won the table prize. The funny thing about it was that when I opened the box it wasn't what was on the outside of the box. It was supposed to be a garden solar figurine set and instead it was a mom and daughter figurine that was not solar. So if you get a present open the box!!! LOL

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend

So my dad got his deer Friday night and my brother got his Sunday morning. I saw two bucks Friday morning while the guys were at work or elsewhere so I took pictures from my front porch. I had seen just the first one and when I went to get another picture the second one walked into the view of my camera. I was surprised there were two. So I went to mom and dad's house next door for dinner that night and was just getting ready to show dad the pictures when he went there is a deer in the garden. He said it was a buck and went running for his rifle as mom was yelling "it's time for dinner" LOL (which was true because she had just finished making spaghetti for dinner) Dad shot from the front porch so it sounded really loud in the house. He called my cousin to help him as it was so heavy they could barely lift it between the two of them. My brother got his deer Sunday morning while I was sleeping. I don't know how I slept thru that one because he shot it off right past my car up the road to the orchard. I was glad they both got a deer. It's been awhile since they have gotten one.

I just checked out the Splendid Stamping blog from Pink Poison. It had some cute card with the Anya stamps. I really liked the Rockstar one that was done. I can't remember if that blog had the angel one or if that was on a different blog. I've looked at so many things this morning I can't remember. The angel card was cute. Looked like it was punched out with a circle scallop punch or used on a cuttlebug machine. Trying to win some blog candy on Nancy's blog. There was pictures of the blog candy and it looked cool. I think Princess Anya was in on that too. Very cute stamp!! That's it for right now!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

wishing summer was back again!

Today is Monday. Lovely! :-)
Yes...I wish it was summer all over again, but I'm looking forward to a snow day. Just hope autumn/winter goes by fast. Just checking out some stamping blogs today. Most of the blogs I've seen recently have been of cards. I should look at some scrapbooking ones in the next month. Nancy let me use her Stampin Up Big Shot machine this last week. It was a lot of fun. Very neat machine! I'd like to see what the Cuttlebug does too. I've been looking at those too. Joann's has them on sale all the time. I've got some of my Christmas shopping done this last month. Still have more people to shop for. I should do my Christmas cards soon. Well..have a good Monday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday is Thursday morning. I decided I better post my first blog here since I've been up so early this morning. I've been up since 12:19 a.m. sheesh!
Today is my birthday. Turning 34. Slowing creeping up to 40. LOL Lots of August birthdays in my family so we are celebrating this Saturday at the beach. Grandma is baking a chocolate cake. Well...I will write more later. Can't really think on 3 hours of sleep. :-)
God Bless!